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Our work ethics and values are reflective
of the efforts, we put into our work

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In this day and age, there’s a mobile app for everything we do or even think of doing. Have an idea for a mobile app? Imdad Technology Solutions is your one-stop shop for all your mobile app development needs. Our developers have already converted tens of dreams into realities and your idea can be the next big thing. Get in touch with us and get your dream Google Play or IOS mobile application made by our pro developers.


• Insurance

• Loan Application (Apply)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Bill payments

•Mobile top-ups

• Payment pull (e-POS)

• Visa / Mastercard Acceptance

(Debit/ Credit card)

• send and receive money

• online payments

• in-store payments

• home remittance          

Customize Portal

• Payroll Management System

• Attendance Management System

• Employee Tracking

• Disbursements on one click

• Systematic procedures • Activity Log • Our best Customer services

•Premium Benefits. (e.g no subscription fee)                       

• Payroll Management System
• Attendance Management System
• Employee Tracking
• Disbursements on one click
• Systematic procedures
• Activity Log
• Our best Customer services
• Premium Benefits. (e.g no subscription fee)


We Develop

Supporting the development of the infrastructure required by the fintech industry

We Build Capabilities

Building the skills and knowledge required for the growth of the fintech activity

We Support

Supporting fintech entrepreneurs at every stage of their development

Fintech Saudi was launched by the Saudi Central Bank in partnership with the Capital Market Authority in April 2018 to act as a catalyst for the development of the financial services technology (fintech) industry in Saudi Arabia. Our ambition is to transform Saudi Arabia into an innovative fintech hub with a thriving and responsible fintech ecosystem.

We seek to achieve this by supporting the development of the infrastructure required for the growth of the fintech industry, building capabilities and talent required by fintech companies and supporting fintech entrepreneurs at every stage of their development.

Imdad Tech is a fintech expert

Fintech or Financial technology translates the potential of data to be monetized. We provide comprehensive consulting services, financial services software engineering together with the key technology acceleration solutions to gear up for fintech software development consumer-oriented services in different industry sectors.

From ideation to POC, to deployment, to all-inclusive support, our professionals harness innovation and deliver an end-to-end experience that includes strategy, architecture, customer experience, service management - all within a new fintech ecosystem.


Actualize innovations with the right tech partner.
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Mobile money
International remittance
Rewards & offers
Agency banking
Top up & bill payment
E-ticket booking
What we do
We help fintech experts, financial institutions, wealth management, banking and insurance companies transform their offerings with custom financial services software and fintech software for emerging customers’ needs, speed up time to market, compete by means of technology, find valuable business insights and enrich security of end-products.

Payment gateway

​We pioneer in online and in-app payments focusing on a seamless experience, security, and fraud prevention.​

Easy integration

We develop custom APIs to integrate clients’ solutions with widely accepted third-party payment services.

Risks management

We advance businesses with technologies to manage financial and regulatory compliance risks

Mobile banking

​We work with online and on-premise banks to digitalize customer onboarding experiences and simplify financial operations.

Robotic process automation

We automate processes within the client’s organization and provide automated communication tools for their users.


We focus on secure authorization, automated fraud detection, data encryption, and distributed ledgers to safeguard finances from all angles.

Loans management

​We analyze historical data to reduce risks, automate loan issuance, and cut costs across credit markets.

Analytics and reporting

We enable financial service providers to make informed decisions much faster with visualization dashboards and forecasting features

ImdadTech experience

We create digital interfaces for banking apps and web platforms and introduce gamification into customer’s interactions to engage them to use your product.

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