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Attendance Management System

Today’s world is tech-savvy, unlike the old days when everything was done manually. With technology taking over our lives in the past two decades, businesses have seen rapid changes, from how they operate online to in-house management and whatnot. The attendance management system is an all-in-one attendance, leave, and performance evaluation system, which ensures the smooth running of a business on a day-to-day basis.


State of the Art Technology


Our proprietary facial recognition algorithm developedusing Speeded Up Robust Features (SURF), Histogram of Oriented Gradients (HOG), Linear Binary Pattern (LBP) feature extraction algorithms and Kernel-based filtering allows the staff and/or students to mark their attendance through their android phones.

Facial Recognition

In a world where Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are making lives easier; a number of businesses, especially in Pakistan, are still relying on manual processes instead of biometric technologies for their daily operations. For attendance, there’s no need for card punching, roll call or paper-based methods if you can utilize the technology and allow the staff to mark their attendance with facial recognition.




Flexible Scheduling


If you are wondering how the attendance management system will take care of different timings and shifts for different employees, you need not worry. Our flexible software allows the business owners or human resource
personnel to input flexible scheduling options for certain employees to avoid any inconvenience in regard to the timings. Users can clock in and out for the system to keep track of their working hours.


Calculating overtimes for employees at the end of each month is a mess; however, with attendance management system, you can easily find out which employee has worked how much over the course of the previous month. It not only allows smooth management but also rules out the possibility of unauthorized overtimes, maintaining transparency in work timings. With payroll integration, disbursing salaries based on the time worked is a piece of cake.






All the supervisors and business owners can import or export employee attendance reports to keep track of employee performance. The users can also extract and view their reports to check their leave balance, current attendance, salary cuts or overtime compensation through their mobile applications. You can get periodic reports on employees’ attendance and give warnings and incentives for poor and good attendance records.

Policy Integration

While it is always good to share all the latest policies with the employees via emails and memos; however, if the employees need to see all the attendance related policies including short and half leaves, medical, sick, and casual leaves and how to apply for a leave, which circumstances
would result in pay cuts and whatnot, they would want to see it all in one place. 




Payroll Integration


Employees always value transparency and the payroll integration in the attendance management system not only facilitates the business owner but also the staff. Not just this, the all-inclusive software allows the business owners to keep tabs on the performance of the employees and evaluate their bonuses, incentives or even salary cuts. It is always good to know how much you are going to be paid beforehand if you are going to make important decisions like buying a car or a trip with your family.

Informed Decision-Making

The attendance management system is a comprehensive solution to all your needs in terms of employee attendance. It provides useful insights for the stakeholders to make important policy decisions. Changes in timings, shifts, coverage duration, and policies on leaves, and attendance can be more accurately drafted if you have all the information available to you with a few clicks. A business thrives on the performance of employees, and it is pertinent to do their performance evaluation at regular intervals to identify the real heroes, as well as the under-performing employees.




 SMS Alerts


The attendance management system comes with a comprehensive discipline module, which keeps track of an employee’s disciple, generating reports and sending SMS alerts to the relevant authorities about the absents of an employee. The business owners or admin can view the discipline reports of the employees for a chosen period of time and take important decisions based on the employee’s performance during these periods. The alerts are generated based on not just the leaves and absents but also for long periods of no presence at the office. For instance, if a staff member leaves the office without informing the authorities, the command center will automatically get SMS updates on employee’s status.

No More Missed Punches

In manual processes for attendance management, or even biometric login with fingerprint impression, there can often be missed logins and therefore, ambiguity regarding the overtime, payment cuts and whatnot. The facial recognition rules out the possibility of missed punches, therefore keeping conflicts between the employees and the business owners out of the way.



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