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Our solutions range from commercial-grade product design & development, custom application development, and QA & testing services to consultancy in software architecture and high-end technical design. We go one step beyond and offer you our ever-dependable after-sales support and maintenance services to ensure that your transition from solution deployment to regular operational commencement is seamless. 


We provide customized web solutions using multiple programming languages, CMS & amp; Frameworks with responsive designs.


Our experts, have got the experience that you can rely on as we promise to deliver world-class mobile solutions tailored to your requirements.


Our talented developers are focused on designing software with the best User Interface and experience that interact with users. We assure you, that while using our products, you will generate more traffic that will enhance your business. 


The multi-paradigm approach allows our company to design solutions quickly and more efficiently for projects at different scales, whether it is a one-team project or multiple teams with hundreds of engineers.


We develop corporate solutions likes ERP solutions , Digital Asset Management, AD Exchange Networks , Payment Processors, CRM, E-Commerce, M-Commerce e.t.c.


We develop cross device & cross platform mobile games . We use cocos2dx or Unity to develop 2D and 3D games respectively.

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We can help monetise your website and can provide you Payment Processors, E-Commerce, M-Commerce solutions.


Our knowledge bank of repeatable processes are the cornerstones of our full range of software testing services and enable us to help our clients produce fast, reliable, and efficient software products.


A service of professional consulting, enterprise methodology, and tools for governance of apps and production processes. Our consulting service is evolving into a wider PLM/PDLC service offering, covering the entire product lifecycle.


Direct customer interactions are a huge factor in making your business successful. With our corporate training program and selective hiring, you can rest assured that your new VA will put the best possible face on your business.

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Graphics & Logo Designing

We Offer branding services like logo , graphic designing , advertisement campaign designing.

Imdad Technologies HR Team can work with you to recruit a team of full-time software development personnel.

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Our Dedicated

We follow a rigorous and proven recruitment process to find the best candidates for your requirements: experienced software developers, QA engineers, and designers. Our Software thoroughly tests applicants, identifying those with solid educational backgrounds and strong development fundamentals.

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