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Complaint Management System

Mistakes are often an inevitable part of doing any business. In certain businesses, these mistakes can often lead to more than just a few disgruntled customers and a barrage of complaints. In order to monitor and resolve complaints, Imdad Technology solutions provide complete complaint management solutions.


Easy Integration


Imdad Technology solution complaint management solution is highly flexible and can be easily integrated with your system. Irrespective of your industry requirements, our solution automates and centralizes your complaints intake process; this enables you to be more efficient and provide timely complaint resolution.

Brief Complaint
Ticket System

The software has a very simple approach; once the complaint has been generated by the customer, it is sent to the relevant authorities and the authorities can choose to respond and mark its priority. As opposed to conventional methods, the complaint management system reduces the time it takes to resolve complaints.





Complaint Management Mobile App

In the modern era, smartphones are essential. This is one of many reasons why clients prefer software and solutions which have a supported mobile application. Our solutions provide a state-of-the-art mobile application for its complaint management system.

Category Wise Complaint Resolution

To resolve the complaints, you have to start somewhere. The operations manager has the authority to determine the gravity of the situation and assign a tag to each complaint. Depending on the tag, the query will be forwarded to the specific departments. The complaints are divided into various categories, which include: waste collection, washing, and sprinkling demand, container related complaint, non-subjective, and so on.



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