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Restaurant Management System

Are you looking for a single software to manage the needs of your entire restaurant? Well, Imdad TEchnology solutions provides a simple to use restaurant management system, which works on any mobile device and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. The restaurant management has been made simpler thanks to innovations, helping businesses to operate in a methodical manner.



Remote Management

No matter what you serve, everything is under one roof with our solution’s restaurant management software. You can now handle all the tasks of your restaurant on the go; be it an operation like billing or accounting; you can remain connected at all times. The software acts as an umbrella and enables you to take a more centralized approach towards your business, whether big or small. It provides commands over menu items, rates, control over stocks and inventory management, and much more.

Intelligent Inventory and Stock Management

One of the biggest challenges while running a restaurant is managing the food inventory. Imdad Technology solution provides real-time tracking of inventory levels and ingredients, which not only saves time but also simplifies stock management. How? By reducing the wastage and discrepancies.




Futuristic Approach:
Tablet Menus


Goodbye to the paperback menus and hello to the tablet menus! Designed to provide customers with an interactive ordering experience, the application works on both iPad and Android tablets. The order management system is enhanced with high-resolution pictures and food entrees description allowing easy item selection and order.

Third-Party Software and Hardware Integration

Imdad Technology solutions provides a vast range of third-party software and hardware integration to its restaurant software for customization purposes. The customers can integrate things such as the caller ID, biometric verification and so on.




Mobile App for Reports


Want to view the reports but don’t want to be glued to your desktop? Imdad Technology solutions provide an app on which you can receive timely summarized reports on the go.

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