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MedinGate is an All-In-One Comprehensive Solution

MedinGate is an ideal solution for medical professionals who need to manage patient information, appointments, billing, scheduling, inventory, and more in a secure and efficient manner.


Patient Profile

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MedinGate revolutionizes patient management for doctors. It offers a comprehensive platform for handling patient information, including profiles, medical data, diagnoses, health information, and accounting. With MedinGate, doctors can access and update patient records effortlessly. The platform ensures data security and compliance with regulations. It streamlines the diagnosis process and enables tracking of health information. Additionally, MedinGate simplifies patient accounting, allowing doctors to manage invoices, payments, and insurance claims efficiently. The user-friendly interface and intuitive design make it adaptable to various medical specialties. Join MedinGate to optimize your practice and focus on delivering exceptional patient care.


MedinGate is the IMDAD solution for pharmacists seeking efficient management tools. With MedinGate, you can effortlessly handle items, stores, inventory transactions, and expiry dates, and generate comprehensive reports. Our user-friendly interface ensures a seamless experience, allowing you to streamline your pharmacy operations with ease. Say goodbye to manual tracking and embrace the power of automation. MedinGate empowers pharmacists to optimize inventory, prevent stockouts, and enhance patient care. Experience the convenience and reliability of MedinGate today and take your pharmacy management to new heights…






Welcome to MedinGate, the IMDAD solution for seamless patient management. Our powerful platform equips secretaries with the tools they need to efficiently handle all aspects of patient care. With MedinGate, secretaries can effortlessly manage patient profiles, ensuring accurate demographic data and medical history. Streamlining the appointment process is a breeze, with intuitive features for booking appointments and minimizing wait times. Take control of patients’ accounts effortlessly, with transaction tracking and streamlined billing processes. MedinGate empowers secretaries to optimize their workflow, enhance administrative efficiency, and provide an exceptional patient experience. Discover the power of MedinGate and revolutionize your clinic’s operations today.


Welcome to MedinGate, where users can effectively manage their radiology requests and access printed results with ease. Our advanced platform empowers healthcare professionals to streamline the radiology process, ensuring efficient communication and timely access to critical information. With MedinGate, users can effortlessly submit radiology requests, providing detailed information and necessary attachments. The platform facilitates seamless collaboration between medical practitioners and radiology departments, expediting the process and reducing errors. Once the results are ready, users can conveniently print them out, allowing for quick and accurate documentation. Experience the convenience and efficiency of MedinGate for all your radiology needs.






Welcome to MedinGate, the IMDAD solution for seamless management of lab tests and printing accurate results. Our advanced platform empowers users to effortlessly handle all aspects of laboratory testing, ensuring streamlined communication and timely access to vital information. With MedinGate, users can conveniently manage lab tests, submitting requests with detailed instructions and necessary attachments. The platform facilitates efficient collaboration between healthcare professionals and laboratory departments, expediting the testing process and minimizing errors. Once the results are available, users can easily print them out, allowing for quick and precise documentation. Experience the efficiency and convenience of MedinGate for all your lab testing needs.

MedinGate provides users with a powerful platform to efficiently manage finance information for both patients and doctors. With our intuitive interface, users can effortlessly handle financial transactions, track payments, and generate invoices, ensuring seamless financial management for all stakeholders involved. Experience the ease and convenience of MedinGate, where finance management becomes a streamlined process, empowering users to focus on delivering exceptional healthcare services.




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