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Act on data faster using pre-built apps, or create custom solutions using our low-code app tools.

App Design
Mobile Phone Mock-ups

Mobile Applications Development

In this day and age, there’s a mobile app for everything we do or even think of doing. Have an idea for a mobile app? Imdad Technology Solutions is your one-stop shop for all your mobile app development needs. Our developers have already converted tens of dreams into realities and your idea can be the next big thing. Get in touch with us and get your dream Google Play or IOS mobile application made by our pro developers.

Our Mobile App
Development Process

Mobile apps which can work on all the platforms with functionality to meet the user's expectation without a trace of glitch.


No matter if you are an individual or a business, a mobile app paves way for so many new avenues, allowing you to engage your audience or customers in ways you never did before. Our developers create bespoke applications in line with the industry standards to help your business grow rapidly.


App development

We develop Android apps with perfection and according to your business requirements. Our priority is to ensure that the app resonates with the target audience serves the purpose. For this, we go every extent in terms of research and acquiring resources that make the end-product brilliant. We understand business and its dependency of mobile app, therefore, we take every step to make sure it delivers more than what you expect. Make your business meet excellence and let it thrive through this prolific medium

React Native
App development

React Native is a framework based on JavaScript library and is widely used for building user interfaces now. It is highly useful in the development of single page and mobile applications. As an IT service provider, we ensure that our clients get the most advanced technology in each project. Therefore, our developers have mastered this particular domain of app development through which, we can deliver the most cutting-edge mobile applications, which would take your business to a whole new level.
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iPhone App

Making your app compatible with iPhone takes the level of usage to a very high level. Considering the number of iPhone users which is steadily increasing, it gives you many more advantages when it comes to spreading your business through mobile apps. We take care of technicalities that go into this and make your app not just compatible but also very productive on this platform. Our developers have the knowhow and the vision to represent your brand on iPhone in the most adaptable manner for every user.


Xamarin is a framework which makes cross-platform implementations very easy which resultantly makes you app work on multiple platforms without any issues. It brings a perfect synchronization between Common Language Infrastructure and Common Language Specifications which gives a great result for the applications. Using this framework, developers give shape to those projects which are going to be used on every platform. Our developers have embraced and mastered this technology to give you best service.

Ionic Framework

Ionic framework is an open-source hybrid mobile app development framework which makes easy for developers to create app that could work efficiently on multiple platforms. Originally based on Angular JS and Apache Cordova, this particular platform takes the best of them and gives out results that are very conducive for mobile app development. It also provides tools, services and technologies such CSS, HTML5 and Sass. We enable your business to be represented on this compact platform and attain success.

iPad App development

Making your app compatible for iPad is essential since it is equally popular as iPhone and Android. The number of iPad users is huge and it is increasing day by day, which makes necessary for business aspirants to make venture presentable on this platform too. Our services include development of apps on this platform also and ensure that you get the most fluid and impactful end-result. We make sure that each and every segment of technology is covered and you get a foolproof solution for your enterprise or startup.

Apple Watch
App development

Apple watch is not a fad anymore and its usage is increasing day by day. Therefore, making your app compatible on this platform is a very prudent idea. In the process of developing these apps, we ensure that your app is appropriately developed and made not only compatible but more suitable for the end-user. With this approach, we ensure that your business reaches in every form to your target audience. Through Apple watch apps, you can determine the market area for your business and effectively strategize.

Windows MobileApp development

Developing your app on Windows platform ensures that you do not miss any customer. Considering that this platform is still being used by a few users, you can still find a niche for your app. Therefore, we include this segment as well, so you don't miss a thing when it comes to making your app accessible on all platforms. Get your app developed on Windows platform and make sure that you miss a single customer. As long as this platform exists, there is a scope of doing business and we provide you services for it.

App development

PhoneGap is mobile app development framework introduced by Adobe. The most unique feature of this particular framework is the developer does not require knowing the programming languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This framework doesn't only make developing apps easy but also gives liberty to create simplistic interfaces. Hence, we involve this framework in our development services and giving our clients a wide array of choices to go for. Get your app developed on this platform for ease in usage.
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