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Accounts Management System

Manage your accounts like never before: try Our Solutions’ Account Management System. Our Account Management System is an all-in-one accounts manager which gives you peace of mind through smooth financial operations. Account Management System is a feature-rich and all- inclusive payment management tool for small and large-scale businesses. Here are some of the most promising features of the system.


 Invoice Processing


No matter how detail-oriented or responsible staff you have, there is a possibility of human error, and this is the reason why your business needs to shift to Account Management System to manage the company’s cash flow. From receiving an invoice to making payments and recording the entries in the general ledger, our Account Management System makes sure you have an automated process to handle all your payments.

Payment Processing

Our solutions Account Management System not only handles external payments but also manages internal payroll and monthly, weekly, or even daily payments based on the preferences set by the business owner. You can call it a payroll software as it is a comprehensive payment management software which takes care of all the factors including usual salaries, bonuses, and any other incentives offered to the staff.



Vendor Credit Memos

Managing vendor credit memos was never so easy, however, thanks to the Account Management System, you can now easily take care of all your account payable even if there are refunds, reduction of price, or any other change in vendor credit. The automated management of payments, refunds, or credit memos from vendors provide hassle-free account management with all the necessary details at one place. The simple interface makes it easy to use software, meaning that everything related to accounts is self-explanatory in the system.



Accounts Payable

Managing accounts payable manually is a mess (trust us on this one), however with our Account Management System, you can fully automate the process and you will not have to worry about a thing. Our system keeps track of all the incoming invoices, outgoing payments, purchase orders, receiving reports, agreements and contracts for payments and whatnot. In short, your general ledger will always be up to date with accurate payment details made to the creditors.




Tax Integration

Tax calculations and payments can be quite daunting if these are carried out manually. Even if there’s a system for tax calculation, alerts, and information, it takes plenty of time to actually go through with the process. However, our integrated tax management in the account management system allows businesses to calculate and pay taxes without any trouble whatsoever. Our calculators are always up to date, meaning that you will not have to check for the tax-related updates from anywhere else.

At the start of every month, or whatever the frequency of salary disbursement you have in your office, the payday often turns out to be a hectic day for the accounts team. Not with our integrated payroll management. Account management software comes with fully comprehensive and easily customizable payroll management, allowing the accounts team or business owner to keep track of monthly disbursements in the form of pays and/or bonuses.

Payroll Data





Financial Information

Finances are one of the most challenging aspects of a business; however, if you have financial inclusion all in one place, there’s no need to worry. All the incoming and outgoing cash flows are easy to manage through a user-friendly interface. Managing finances was never an easy task; however, Imdad Technology solutions aims to make lives easier not just for the individuals but for companies and businesses as a whole.

Chart of Accounts

It is never good to see the boring spreadsheets and hundreds of rows and columns to know the current state of your finances. With interactive charts and graphical representations, all those boring days are over, and you can get to know your accounts- related information in one place through visually pleasing charts. Our designers and developers have an aesthetic taste in colors and you will definitely agree with us on this point once you use our account management system.




Expense Reimbursements And Deductions


Gone are the days when people used to keep registers for noting down their expenses with a pen. It’s a fast-paced world, and everything is now available at your fingertips. You can now easily keep track of all your updated expenses, reimbursements, and deductions with a few clicks. The account management system streamlines the entire process, giving the business owners and accounts team a much-needed peace of mind.

Banking Ledgers Handling

Dealing with banks and keeping an eye on all the ledgers is a different game altogether; however, our account management system allows banking ledgers handling smoothly. There’s no hectic routine to follow while maintaining your records for the banks and updating banking ledgers if you are using our top-notch software. Life is easy when you work more and stress less. Switch to our software now and sit back and relax. 





Transparency is one of the most key factors for the smooth running of a business, and one of the easiest ways to ensure transparency is reporting. In accounts and finances, timely reports with all the involved stakeholders keep things in order, and everyone has a clear understanding of how to go about things from there. You can set the frequency of reports and periodic intervals as to when the reports need to be generated and shared with the involved parties.


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