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In the modern era, business owners want to provide their goods or services to customers in a cost-effective and efficient manner. The innovation of self-service kiosk solutions has put an end to the long queues; this provides businesses with a competitive edge to cater to entice the customers.

Image by Proxyclick Visitor Management System

Custom Kiosk

Kiosk Hardware Integration
We integrate kiosk system software with hardware for biometric retina scanners, fingerprint readers, cameras, simple card readers, receipt /thermal printers, bill acceptors / dispensers, barcode scanners, RFID, ticketing systems, and lockdown devices in kiosk mode.
Interactive Kiosk Services
We build interactive kiosk services, including touch screen functionality, animation, virtual keyboards, graphics, multimedia, digital signature, and camera applications.
 Self-Service Kiosk Software

We program kiosk software to be used as a self-service platform, retail app, photo booth, digital signage, ticketing, bill payment, and more.

Digital Signage Kiosk Solutions

Our experts provide digital signage kiosk solutions programming, including Content Management Systems (CMS) with remote kiosk management controls.

Photo Booth Kiosk

Our photo booth kiosk software development solutions include integrations with payment processing, camera features, social media platforms, and custom features programming.

Customer Experience

Pull and report data while dynamically controlling your overall customer experience, enabling you to serve your    customers the best way possible.

Custom Kiosk Solutions

Kiosk Software Development
Our kiosk development solutions include intuitive user interface/experience, remote management capabilities, branding management, visitor registration/management, onsite printing, and automated reports.
Kiosk System Solutions
We program secure browsing architectures & session timeous, developed third-party technologies (i.e. USA Technologies (USAT), implemented wireless connectivity, and built kiosk software for all major operating systems.
Kiosk Application Development

We engineer customizable kiosk applications designed for both mobile devices and desktops. We also perform  data migration services to create interactive kiosks from existing websites.

Kiosk Data Solutions

Our certified developers integrate business intelligence (BI) and reporting modules to monitor and report usage data and collect key statistics and analytics for relevant insights.

Tailored User Experience

We create the ultimate user experience that’s custom-tailored to the Kiosk environment, designed with a consistent brand, and created with stunning aesthetics.

Cash Free Payments

Implement EMV-compliant/PCI-compliant cash-free payment systems, allowing you to receive payment from  your customers digitally. These custom-tailored payment processing systems integrate seamlessly with your  existing business processes.

Imdad Technology solutions recognizes the importance of such innovations and offers kiosk software, which is completely customized based on customer requirements.


Recent surveys reaffirm the positive feedback kiosk solutions have garnered across the globe.

Why use kiosk solutions? The primary reasons would be its easy-to-use nature and that it streamlines the processes.

At Imdad Technology solutions, we have a highly adept team of professionals with years of industry experience under their belts. With in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience of kiosk solutions, we understand exactly what the customers seek. Attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile sets us apart from others and we pride ourselves on offering the most cost-effective and personalized solutions for small and large businesses. We convert your ideas into reality, helping your business grow by saving plenty of time and resources.

What’s more we are always easily accessible and you can keep track of your project with an email or a phone call. We believe in transparency and ensure highest level of standards while delivering your project or services.

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